New Achievements in Cayley and Fermat Mathematics Contests
Release Date:May.25,2021
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Our students from the Elite Classes outperformed the competitors in the Cayley and Fermat Mathematics Contests designed by the University of Waterloo. The 10th graders Wu Peixuan, He Junyi, and Tao Xin; and the 11th graders Li Zijian, Sun Jia, Zhong Haoyan, Qiu Zihao and Wang Shuheng made their way to the Top 25% in the contest. The best two Li Zijian and Sun Jia got 136 and 134 in the contest, proudly entering the Top 5% and listed in the Honor Roll. The team of 10th graders ranked 19 and the team of 11th graders ranked 72 among more than 700 rivals.

(The team of 11th graders)

(The team of 10th?graders)